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 ( In the Progress ) Of from Death Walls.

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PostSubject: ( In the Progress ) Of from Death Walls.   Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:11 am

I am making a prose, similar to many 1800s proses of followed the Bible's layout. This is basically a prose of the history of the wall and whom tore it down. More details soon.

Please tell me what you think of this short 2 paragraph format. I do plan it to be 12+ paragraphs, however it will be released later July.

1 Loathe on how thy power brings thee. Loathe of what thy God offers to thee. Stricken by them, minions of Hades, and other reckless unfortunates that dwells in Hells caverns. Sent by caravans from Earth and bought from thine Devil whose fire tint gleams, singing us songs of underworlds past. Thy brothers whom corrupted, thy mother whom sicken, whom quenched blood of Devil now eternally thrives in Hades' arms. Benevolent hero offers wish to him, thrust by thy owns will and cast thee into River Styx. From there the hero turns to minion follower and forever prays until Devil fades. On thy bed sheet, lies no other symbol but Cross, and burned instantly after first glance. Ultimate sin, cursed by Hades and now roams the Death Walls of which Lenore has invented. Lenore, whom being tyrant minion of Hades, whom slitted the holy lands with sinful bricks, of what created now a wall. To separate Praise, Hope, and Love for Anger, Greed, and Hate. It was him whom now turns insanity into a statue of normality. Now with zephyr felt from cries and tears, blaming the monstrosity of which Lenore had created, under name of Devil, to bring forth the Death Walls.
2 Now which Hell gains, as Heaven diminishes. God, of being disobedient, obnoxious and crude, now ignores such Walls and creates thine hideaway for thyself. For him to wallow in failures, for him to be isolated from persons desires, now shouts Hades name under defeat. With clouds shaded black, and hope fathoming and savoring darkness, to the abyss we meet an unknown. Unnamed, unloved, unnoticed, the unknown travels west to the Walls and savors it's gloomy threshold. Writing his words in paper, for thee be a poet. Writing madly, and madly perpetually, of what now he despised, the beast the creation the forsaken hellish division, of what now was the Death Walls. Enraged by such creation, obscured by own vision. Wondered in resentment, of what thy Devil wrought. But of what thy Devil wrought had mistaken and misguided unknown poet, for leading into wrong conclusions of what really Lenore had sired. Of what confound unknown poet into believing thy Devil constructed. Nevermore would unknown poet cease to transform thy thoughts.

3 Hell hath no fury upon sinister soul- upon benevolent whelp. Eternally scorched by Hades' infernos.

4 Towards light thee, thy faithful son. Tomorrow lays another prayer to repent thy sins. We whom move the wheels of history. We whom kneel to faithful God to avoid blasphemy and Hades' lies. We whom set aside grievances of how splintered us in decades. We prosper through vespertine legacies, and conquer by Lenore's unfaithful damned Walls. Structure whom was vast and complicated, a structural masterpiece from a prodigious mind of Lenore. A vessel of which not even Daedalus would uncover, a device of which Da Vinchi would not decipher, a wall of which would never be tore down unlike Berlin. Such wall, sired by Lenore. Mass genius upon Hades' minions. Hath God given to Hades arms, descended thee, unmerciful towards Gods death. Now to people whom worshiped, doth thou frighten by Hades essence on the murder of God? With Jesus of Nazareth vanished, and God delivered in grave, the Death Walls powers growths. We whom sought power, now given thee, Devil. We swore under name Hades.

5 Where thou he, unnamed poet seeks? We hath no vision of him. To thee we offer prayers. To thee we offer salvation and ambition to relinquish such Death Walls.

6 Christian after Christian will deny thee, incognito poet, for tearing down Death Walls. So unknown poet enters Satanic Church. Nostalgic to it's creator, Anton Szandor LaVey, whom he worshiped. Satanist he was, whom worshiped Satan under name. However, rebelled against new devil, Hades. Thy Devil of this world, Hades. Blew the candles blaze, and set off to Death Walls. Epicureanism followed beliefs to incognito poet. Thou wrote poem for Death Walls.

7 " Thy Sicken thee! Unholy, Unearthed! Thou shalt not belong!
Thou shalt be stricken with true Satan's might!
Sheer bricks, hath all vanish not long
To God To Hell FOR ALL thy power in blight
To thee, of no longer here
Begone, Cur! Not welcomed anymore!
Thy damnation sheds nothing but tear
Of joyful happiness for we adore! "

8 Thy Devil whom fear by all, shunned by unknown poet. In such aghast, Hades sends infernal monsters to seek out incognito poet. Failed, by poet's strong sense of writing abilities. Thy Devil wallows damned depression. Of whom have now shouted one's mind to the world. Thy world of whom Hades owns, in despotic natures, in stolen sovereignty, thy Devil searched for poet and finish thee off with a myriad of tantivy trepidations. Thy Hellion yearns concerning the insubordinate acts of which unnamed poet vandalized. Thy Devil holds key to succeeded the world, and to destroy it from within; in the core of life, death is inevitable.
9 Salvation. Curious word among all. Twas thy question to poet, doth thee believe, Salvation? A salvation from life; sanctum from the world. Thee had built strife amongst Death Walls.

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( In the Progress ) Of from Death Walls.
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