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January 2019
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Hey now, here's an observation!
Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:54 am by Kapus
Hey, remember that ridiculously long journal I made last time? About SW dying hibernating during the winter? Well, I after reading about that again, I thought of something.

Quote :
I dreamed of turning it into a big, popular Sonic fan site booming with activity. Pretty naive of me, no?

Quote :
looking at the site now, its obvious to me that wouldn't ever happen. Sonic World would never reach that state. Sonic World is a Sonic fan forum. Its just that. Sure, there are plenty of other Sonic Fan sites out there that are extremely popular and well known, but they have other things going for them. Some of them are big communities that host things such as fan games, sprite rips, sprite comics, music rips, etc. Others cover a specific topic like fan games or ROM hacks. Forums are just an add on..

So of course Sonic World couldn't reach that state with just a forum. I became aware of that and tried to do other things to attract popularity. The only things I ever tried were the Arcade and Art Gallery. Neither of those two really worked, obviously. They can't stand up to the stuff others have. Still, though, I looked at the future expecting the site to be very popular and active in a few years. Guess what? Its the complete opposite.

Of course, by now, I'm not trying to make Sonic World into such a thing.

See now, back in the day, I stopped at nothing trying to make this site all big and popular. I think that's why Sonic World was as active as it was. I kept trying new things to attract as many people as possible and make the site big. The Art Gallery, the Arcade, tons and tons of icon changes every month, Seasonal Themes, Weekly/Monthly Banners, smileys, everything! It kept people active and excited for each thing I tried. Because I was so active, so busy doing all that stuff, I think that's where the activity actually came from. Which is so incredibly ironic I can't help but laugh and feel sad at the same time.

Of course, that's not the only reason for the site's demise. At the end of November, 2010, I got really caught up in another site I was going to. I started to fall behind in all the stuff I'd do here. Contests, Seasonal Themes, Banners, etc. Since I stopped trying to make the site big, and I fell behind in my duties here, the site just kinda fell apart. People started coming less and less and they overall had less to talk about. Some months later I tried to come back and fix stuff, but I guess I was just too late. People kind of broke apart and went their separate ways, I guess. We never really hang out together as a group of friends anymore.

I don't even know why I'm making this journal if the site is as dead as can be.

I'm sorry for killing Sonic World, you guys.

Your favorite Chocobo,


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