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 Questions and Answers

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~Treasure Hunter~

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PostSubject: Questions and Answers   Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:04 am

Question & Answer, everyone. This is kinda like Frequently Asked Questions, but not all of these are frequently asked.

[Q] = Question
[A] = Answer

[Q] What do the colors of everyone's name mean?
[A] This should be obvious, but there is a Legend at the bottom of the main page that tells you what the colors mean.
But I'll explain anyway.

Red = Administrator. Administrators are the most powerful people on the forum. They can change just about anything they want.
Yellow = Moderator. This person can edit people's posts, lock topics, delete topics, etc.
Cyan A member of the Chao Breeders Club.
Blue A member of the Sonic fan club
Black = A member of the Shadow Fan Club
Silver A member of the Silver fan club
Pink A member of the Amy Fan club
Dark Red A member of the Knuckles fan club
Orange A member of the Tails fan club
Green A member of the Chaotix fan club
[?Q?] But what if someone is a member of two fan club groups? What color would their name be?
[A] The color then depends on which group has the listed closest to the Administrator's group. They are listed like this:
1) Administrators
2) Moderators
3) Chao Breeders
4) Sonic Fan Club
5) Shadow Fan Club
6) Silver Fan Club
7) Tails Fan Club
8) Knuckles Fan Club
9) Amy Fan Club
10) Chaotix Fan Club
The Group with the lowest number has their color displayed.

[Q] There are Emeralds under my name! And they change color! What do they mean?
[A] The Emeralds change color as you get more posts. You start out with one green emerald. As you get more posts,
you gain a second green emerald. Then a third one. You don't go any higher than 3. Instead, the color of your emeralds
change. They change like this:

A different color picks in..

It takes over the other color..

The new color has taken over completely.

And now we repeat with another color.

And so forth. With 7 Chaos Emeralds, naturally there are 7 colors.
Every time you get a new emerald, you get a new rank.
7 X 3 = 21. So there are 21 ranks. Get them all!

[Q] I see some people with Custom Ranks! I want a custom rank! How do I get one?
[A] You get custom ranks by winning contests. Most contests give out Trophies or medals as awards. Some contests give out
Custom Titles, although they are a bit scarce.

[Q] There is an Awards section in my profile. How do I get an award?
[A] By winning some contests.

[Q] Can I spam in the Random Hotel?
[A] No.

[Q] Who is the leader of this site? Kapus or Joe Cool?
[A] Joe and I share this site equally, although Joe is technically the founder. I do most of the work on the site, though.

[Q] Some members are breaking the rules, but no staff members are on to deal with it! What should I do?
[A] You could tell them to stop it. That'd be nice. But if you're afraid to, or they don't listen, just wait until we come on.
We'll deal with it eventually.

[Q] What is the "Basket?"
[A] The basket is a hidden forum where REALLY old, bad and embarrassing topics go. The Basket isn't viewable to normal members
for certain reasons.

[?Q?] What are these "certain reasons?"
[A] might give some people a bad impression on some people, specifically new ones.

[Q] What are all these "Guest" posts I keep on seeing? Was there a time in the past when guests were allowed to post?
[A] No. However, there was a period where members would ask for their account to be deleted when they wanted to leave
the site. Members who have their accounts deleted have all their posts show up as "Guest." Pretty annoying. You can never
tell who it is. For those reasons, and a few others, we don't delete member's accounts anymore.

[Q] There is an Affiliate section in the Portal! How do I get my site to affiliate with this one?
[A] First of all, your site must have at least 100 members, and not be dead. Sorry, but we
don't want any dead sites in our Affiliate list. If you meet the requirements, then just ask. PM
one of the admins and we'll add it. You must have an affiliate icon, though, or we can't add you.

[Q] I wanna make a topic a sticky! How do I do that?
[A] Sorry, bro, but only admins and mods can make stickies or announcements.

[Q] What are the names of the 21 ranks you can get?
[A] I'm certainly not gonna tell you. Find out on your own.

[Q] Is there an email I can contact if I'm having trouble with the site?
[A] Yes, there is. The best, most frequently checked email you can use is , the site founder's personal email.

For more technical questions, see the FAQ.

More will be added within time.

Your favorite pencil sharpener in the world,

~ Kapus
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Questions and Answers
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