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 Daz & Shadow Copy Crossover

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Daz the Hedgehog
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PostSubject: Daz & Shadow Copy Crossover   Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:00 pm

Which will probably just be another Sonic 2 Hack but this is the plot

Dr. Eggman has a new ray gun attached to his "Final Egg" base (Not Death Egg this is different) that eliminates the targets powers. Unfortunately it hits me however all it does is change my species from a Hedgehog to a Fox. Yet a sort of powerless fox. Luckily a mechanical Hedgehog by the name of Shadow Copy comes to my aid and helps me get my powers back and turns me back into a Hedgehog.

If it's NOT a hack this will be the plot

Well I dunno if I am even gonna make it this is just a cool Idea. But I could try. What I
got so far is that from what you said "The downfall of Frost" and us going to check out
some chaos goin on at Aqua Palace Zone (tune here: http://www. sendspace. com/file/jtxdtz)
And its gonna be the Army brothers (Army red the Hedgehog & Army green the Hedgehog
(Nothing at all todo with the Army here....)) and Azoth has a role of being the time and space gardian and
Kayjay's new doppleganger Cassie the Dark. And we hear that Robotnik's behind this but we
don't see him throughout the whole game and near the end we see that he has been
re-creating EGGMAN LAND the whole time! And thats all I got for now.

OST avaiable here zmsyi7 (If link goes out alert me please!)

UPDATE! From Shadow Copy actually! Quoted from him from his latest message!

"Okay, I've got a few ideas. If you need some info on the characters, just let me know.
The other characters I thought would be a good choice are:

Scorch the Fox (Not sure if I spelled Scorch right.)

Shadow Fox

Razor the Hedgehog

Terra the Hedgehog

Shelly the Hedgehog

and Photon the Hedgehog

had other ideas, too, but I didn't want to put down too many. I was
tempted to list the Unknown Guardians from my photos, but I'm not sure
what role they would have in the Crossover. lol"

UPDATE! On Daz' Story!

"A few hundred year's ago a dark Hedgehog by the name of "Frost the Hedgehog" came to be.
by the year 2004 Eggman invented a multi-colored clone of Sonic by the name of
"Daz the Hedgehog" to help him take over the world. Daz did not become evil at all and was
tossed out like left-over chicken. Daz vowed to destroy Eggman and stop all of his plans.
Today Daz is taking a little break. But something tells him that today will be the
greatest adventure of his life!"

UPDATE! Introduction too Rosetta the evil Hedgehog

"Rose was born on July,15,1990. She had Blood red fur,Eyes,Hair and She
had black eyelids. Many Mobiuns had made fun of her,Because they
thought she looked different. And to them,Different is scary. Mobiuns
had cheerful colors,Unlike Rose's Halloween type colors,Had traits of
Anti-Mobius. Rose had always thought she had been different from the
rest. Even as a small hedgehog pup,They still made fun of her. Rose has
gotten used to the name calling and people making fun of her fur.
Today,She's only an Assassin,Specially trained,To kill."

UPDATE! List of Zones

Night City Zone

Powerhouse Panic Zone

Radical Lava Zone

Techno Casino Zone

Toxic Trouble Zone

Aqua Palace Zone

Wing Zone (scraped)

Universal Night Zone

Sky Garden Zone

Mystic Egg Zone

Marble Hill Zone

Hidden Sea Zone (Scrapie!!!)

Green Field Zone

Freaky Fortress Zone

Extra Zone

Emerald Cove Zone

Death Top Zone

Chase Zone

Aquatic Run Zone

Carnival Cruise Zone

Dark Egg Zone

Endless Valley Zone


List of Characters

Daz Side

Daz the Hedgehog

Meshif the Wolf

Detroit the Echidna

Kayjay the Hedgehog

Frost the Hedgehog

Azoth the Hedgehog

Cassie the Dark

Shadow Copy Side

Shadow Copy the Hedgehog

Scorch the Fox

Shadow Fox

Razor the Hedgehog

Terra the Hedgehog

Shelly the Hedgehog

and Photon the Hedgehog


Rose the evil Hedgehog (new)

Shade Ripponze (new)

Dr. Eggman (both)

Grey Shinkirou the Echidna (new)

AA (new)

UPDATE! Shadow Copy Story!

Shadow Copy Story

It was a beautiful night. Most of the sky was clear, and the moon was full. The moon's pale light shined over the city. At the edge of the city, at the top of a tall tree, a robot was resting. He looked up at the moon.

"After all this time, it's a relief to be able to relax, for once."

Sighing slightly, he looked at the nearby city.

"I wonder what I'll do now? There must be something interesting going on."

As this robot pondered, another figure on the ground came along and looked up at him, folding his arms and grinning.

"You could serve me Android..."

The figure below was dressed in a dark overcoat and was augmented with cybernetic technology including a robotic right arm and eye. He wore a tie and a skull belt whilst also carrying a suitcase. Slightly startled, the robot stood up on the branch he was on and looked down at the figure.

"Huh? Who are you?"

The figure who gave a smirk as he was asked his name, raised his head slightly in an arrogant manner, his cybernetic red eye flashing briefly in an intimidating manner.

"I'm glad you asked my lost little robot. I am Shade Ripponze, leader of the Marauder special forces and...ONCE leader of The ZRT Corporation, a title I shall regain I assure you."

He then gave a small grin, his eye quickly looking all over this android.

"Impressive, your systems are quite efficient, more so than some of the scraps of metal I have seen running around before...tell me what is your designation?"

The robot jumped down from the tree and looked at Shade. He had never seen a lifeform like him before.

"I am Metal Shadow, also refered to as Shadow's Copy. I'm a robot created to match the abilities of a lifeform named Shadow the Hedgehog. I use to work for my creator, Dr. Eggman, but he removed me from his forces, since he thought I was an 'insufficient copy'."

"I see..."

Shade then began to encircle the robot, looking at him with interest.

"You certainly aren't like any other of Robotnik's creations, yet not only are the differences on the outside, but also in the inside, in reference to your purpose of course...what is YOUR purpose now, comply?"

Metal Shadow thought for a moment. Since he was removed from the Doctor's forces, he was unsure of this.

"I'm not sure. Originally, I believed my purpose was to serve Robotnik and to destroy Shadow, but since I've been removed, I haven't been able to figure out my new purpose. I do hate him now, though, so maybe my new purpose is to get my revenge on him."

Metal Shadow clenched his fist.

"Please, don't get that sophisticated mind of yours focused on petty revenge. I was once in control of a force, a MIGHTY force that even rivalled that of the Eggman Empire itself! Help me regain that force, help me regain my ZRT Corporation, and I will ensure that Eggman is yours to do as you see fit. We are both abominations in the eyes of others, but they are the fools! We are the superiors, you with your logic, strength and ability and me with my passion, cunning and POWER, together we would make an unstoppable force akin to my very own cybernetic implants, a fitting metaphor don't you agree?"

His mechanical red eye flashed briefly along with a slight smirk on Shade's behalf. Metal Shadow thought for a moment. It was a very tempting offer. If he said yes, then, in time, he'd be able to get back at Eggman. After a moment, he nodded in agreement.

"Alright, Shade. I'll help you out."

Shade rubbed his hands together in a pleased manner.

"Excellent, you have taken your first steps into the wider world, now let us discuss business..."

Metal Shadow leaned against the tree he had jumped from earlier.

"Alright, I'm listening."

Shade lit up a cigarette and coughed a little, looking up at Shadow's Copy.

"Right now I have multiple agents working on retrieving my corporation back, unfortunately for us both I have been forced..."

He cringed slightly and shuddered.

" work with Robotnik for the time being, his uses are limited of course but he is close to one of the key figures behind the control of my business, Kayjay the Hedgehog."

He then stretched out his cybernetic arm with the central crystal beaming out and showing a 3-D hologram of Kayjay.

"Are you familiar with her? She is Eggman's little mutant pet, a little renegade who has went against her daddy's wishes and instead gets in the hair of people like me..."

The image then changed to another figure.

"This figure is the main usurper of my organisation, Grey Shinkirou the filthy abomination! After he TRIED to kill me, he stole my business and has turned it into some sorta freakshow...he is our main target."


Metal Shadow thought for a moment, looking away for a moment. Kayjay was a good friend of his, but they haven't talked in a long time. The most painful thing about it was that, at one point, Kayjay had completely snapped, becoming someone other than Kayjay - someone twisted and evil. He was unsure if she had returned to being herself or not. After a moment, he nodded.

"Yes, I am very familiar with Kayjay."

After seeing the hologram change and hearing about Shinkirou, he leaned forward a little.

"So, what you're saying is that you want Shinkirou and Kayjay out of the picture, right?"

Shade took the cigarette from his mouth and exhaled the smoke, looking at it for a moment before he discarded it away.

"Kayjay has been captured don't worry about that. I've had her replaced with her dear little doppelgänger Cassie, so already I have the closest informant possible within Shinkirou's ranks...her friend AA has also pledged her allegiance to me lest she wished harm to come to Kayjay and the rest of them and Eggman has given me emergency supplies as he foolishly believes I will ally with him once I have ZRT see my friend, I have already placed you my knight, Cassie the bishop and Eggman the pawn perfectly on my chessboard..."

"I see."

Metal Shadow didn't know much about Cassie, but he did know a bit about her appearance. She looked a lot like Kayjay and her dark side, Jaykay, combined, so it would make sense that she'd take Kayjay's place.

"So, then, what do I have to do?"

"Out of all my agents you have the least connections AND you are a machine of physical power, that is your purpose obviously but your destiny lies with me. Even before I lost ZRT I was searching for someone to lead my private special forces. As you may know now by looking and talking to me, you will see I am not a military man, I am a business man...I want you to be my enforcer, and leader of my Marauders, consider the title ZRT Marauder Commander or something fancy along those lines..."

ZRT Marauder Commander... Metal Shadow liked the sound of that. He nodded in agreement.

"Okay, I can do that."

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PostSubject: Re: Daz & Shadow Copy Crossover   Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:31 am

Sounds good so far. I would play it.
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Daz & Shadow Copy Crossover
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