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 What happens when Tres, Sceinic, and Miles are left in a chat by themselves?

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PostSubject: What happens when Tres, Sceinic, and Miles are left in a chat by themselves?   Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:52 am

Miles24 has joined the chat.
Rhys the Hedgehog has joined the chat.
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: Hey Miles.
@ Miles24: Bonjour.
camcam9999 has joined the chat.
camcam9999: hi
camcam9999: how's life?
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: Pretty good. I got to see Moriah yesterday, so things have been alright.
Moriah the Hedgehog has joined the chat.
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: Speak of the devil! XD
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: Hey Rhys.
@ Miles24: Hello Moirah.
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: Hey Moriah.
*Rhys the Hedgehog wraps his arms around Moriah.
@ Miles24: Curses.... *Moriah
camcam9999: hey Moriah
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: Hey Miles, hey Cam.
camcam9999: chat's getting full.
Sceinic has joined the chat.
@ Sceinic: And now it just got fuller. :3
@ Sceinic: Hey, guys.
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: Hey Sceinic.
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: Hey Scein.
@ Sceinic: Hey Moriah, hey Rhys.
@ Miles24: Hello, Sceinic.
*Moriah the Hedgehog cuddles Rhys
camcam9999: hi
@ Sceinic: Guess what my mom bought at the store?!
*Rhys the Hedgehog smiles and holds Moriah
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: What?
@ Miles24: I think I know..
*Sceinic pulls out a box of cheddar bunnies.
@ Sceinic: Cheddar Bunnies! ^^
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: Wow. Didn't expect that at all.
@ Miles24: Figures.
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: I've got to leave soon, my mom's making me come with her to run some errands.
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: Aww..
*Rhys the Hedgehog kisses Moriah's cheek.
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: I'm not leaving quite yet.
*Moriah the Hedgehog blushes.
*Rhys the Hedgehog blushes.
*Sceinic noms on her Cheddar Bunnies.
*Miles24 jumps into his box.
Trespasser has joined the chat.
@ Trespasser: MORIAH! 8D
@ Trespasser: RHYS! 8D
@ Trespasser: MILES! 8D
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: Hey Tres.
@ Trespasser: SCEINIC! 8D
@ Trespasser: TRES! ^^
@ Sceinic: Hey, Trews.
@ Sceinic: *Tres.
@ Sceinic: Darnit, keyboard!
@ Trespasser: XF
@ Miles24: Tres. Skype. Now.
camcam9999 has been disconnected. (Session timeout.)
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: .
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: Hey Tres.
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: I have to go now.
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: D:
@ Sceinic: Alright.
*Rhys the Hedgehog kisses Moriah.
*Moriah the Hedgehog blushes.
@ Trespasser: Bye bye, Raeyes! D:
*Rhys the Hedgehog blushes.
@ Rhys the Hedgehog: Bye.
Rhys the Hedgehog has been disconnected.
@ Miles24: Goodbye, Rhys.
@ Miles24: Darn. Late again.
*Moriah the Hedgehog yawns.
@ Sceinic: Auggh, not again! Just reading the word yawn makes me yawn! XDD
@ Trespasser: XF
@ Miles24: Tres, get on Skype already.
@ Trespasser: I'm going! D:
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: Augh, Ciara wants to get on.
@ Sceinic: Baw.. Alright. Bye, Moriah.
@ Trespasser: Bye Bye, Moriah D:
@ Moriah the Hedgehog: Bye.
@ Miles24: Goodbye, Moriah.
Moriah the Hedgehog has been disconnected.
@ Miles24: Yes! I finally managed to say goodbye in time!
*Miles24 fistpumps
*Sceinic claps
Trespasser: wat
Comet has joined the chat.
@ Sceinic: Hey Jacob.
@ Miles24: Hello, Comet.
Comet: Hey.
Comet: I only have a few minutes.
@ Sceinic: D:
@ Sceinic: But you just got here!
Comet: I know...
Comet: But I'll be back after Church.
Trespasser: COMET! 8D
@ Sceinic: Alright..
Comet: Hey Tres.
@ Miles24: Tres, where'd you go? Back on Skype this instant!
Trespasser: Sir yes Sir, Mr. Miles sir! 8D
*Sceinic facepalms
@ Miles24: .....
@ Miles24: Well...
Comet: I'd say I have about five more minutes.
@ Sceinic: Baw..
*Comet hugs her
*Sceinic hugs him tightly back.
*Trespasser hugs a bottle of ketchup. ^^
*Sceinic facepalms
*Miles24 facepalms
@ Sceinic: Double facepalm. XD
Comet: I have to go.
@ Sceinic: D:
@ Sceinic: Okay...
*Comet hugs her and kisses her cheek
*Sceinic blushes and kisses his.
@ Sceinic: Bye, Jacob.
Comet: Bye
Comet has been disconnected.
Trespasser: awww XF
*Sceinic yawns.
@ Sceinic: Now what?
@ Sceinic: Miles! Wake up! Afk-ness is prohibited.
*Sceinic pokes him with a stick.
@ Miles24: Zuh?
*Miles24 jumps up
@ Miles24: I'm awake, I'm awake!
@ Sceinic: Good.
@ Sceinic: Baw, we're all alone in the chat.
Trespasser: All of us Bronies! 8D
@ Sceinic: Erm.... yeah. XF
*Miles24 is looking into a box rather intently.
@ Miles24: Hey... Guys, come and look at this!
@ Sceinic: Huh?
*Sceinic walks over.
@ Miles24: It's a baby pony!
Trespasser: o:
*Trespasser picks up the filly.
Trespasser: Look, it's a unicorn pony! 8D
@ Sceinic: Aren't the My Little Ponies in another universe? o-o
@ Miles24: How it got here, I do not know.
Trespasser: We have to take it home!
@ Sceinic: What?! You can't be serious!
Trespasser: I am! >:c
@ Miles24: He's right. I will fix up the portal.
@ Sceinic: Don't I get a say in this?! D:
@ Miles24: Nope.
Trespasser: ^
@ Sceinic: :/
*Miles24 - A few hours later-
@ Miles24: There. It's finished.
@ Sceinic: Whoa....
@ Trespasser: 8D
@ Trespasser: Did you hear that, little filly?! We're taking you home! =D
@ Miles24: What are we waiting for? Let's go!
*Miles24 hops into the portal.
*Trespasser follows Miles
*Sceinic taps her foot
@ Sceinic: How do I always get dragged into things like this? .-.
*Sceinic sighs and picks up the filly, then jumps in after the others.

-will continue when I get a chance-

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What happens when Tres, Sceinic, and Miles are left in a chat by themselves?
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