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 Sonic World isn't dead. Its just hibernating during the winter..

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PostSonic World isn't dead. Its just hibernating during the winter..

Sonic World's current state.

Hey there. I'm Kapus. You probably remember me. I was the first member to join this site, and the member who made this site what it is today. I came and "fixed" the site, although not on my own. Sonic World was(and still is) a pretty small site. Back then, I dreamed of turning it into a big, popular Sonic fan site booming with activity. Pretty naive of me, no?
Still, I was very enthusiastic about it and put my whole heart into making this site. It is still my home away from home. Of course, looking at the site now, its obvious to me that wouldn't ever happen. Sonic World would never reach that state. Sonic World is a Sonic fan forum. Its just that. Sure, there are plenty of other Sonic Fan sites out there that are extremely popular and well known, but they have other things going for them. Some of them are big communities that host things such as fan games, sprite rips, sprite comics, music rips, etc. Others cover a specific topic like fan games or ROM hacks. Forums are just an add on..

So of course Sonic World couldn't reach that state with just a forum. I became aware of that and tried to do other things to attract popularity. The only things I ever tried were the Arcade and Art Gallery. Neither of those two really worked, obviously. They can't stand up to the stuff others have. Still, though, I looked at the future expecting the site to be very popular and active in a few years. Guess what? Its the complete opposite.

Of course, by now, I'm not trying to make Sonic World into such a thing. I have accepted Sonic World for what it REALLY is: A small, cute little site where my friends get together and act silly. It doesn't need to be any more than that.

Sure, if I really wanted to, I could probably turn this into a site for Sonic Fan games and advertise Splice the Hedgehog a lot. If Splice was successful, Smash and I could work together to make other fan games and the site would probably be pretty active. that actually sounds pretty good.. But I didn't.

The site, as it stands now, IS very inactive. I stated in the topic title that SW was hibernating during the winter. Its most definitely spring now, and things haven't really picked up.I am part to blame for this, actually. I took a long break from Sonic World to go do other things. I didn't do the SW yearly awards OR the fancharacter contest. Even the February banner was just barely on time. Being what is essentially the backbone of SW, of course things didn't recover.
I don't things will ever recover unless we actually take some specific action.

So you must be thinking, "What are you trying to say here?" I'm asking myself the same question, actually. No, I'm not giving up on SW or anything. Well, maybe sort of. I've given up on trying to make it a big, booming site. But I gave up on that months ago. But, as I stated above with the fan game thing as an example, there are a few things we can do here. Heck, we could turn this site into anything we really want. Its pretty clear by now that the interests of this site's members exceed just Sonic. Sonic is actually the topic we discuss the least. Whether it be a site for fangames wide(not just Sonic fan games), artwork, or even sprite comics. Where there's a will there's a way..
I like this site and it's people too much to let it drown like this.

Sorry if I'm making you all nervous with this big post. I guess the main thing I want to ask is this: What do you all REALLY want to do with this site? I'm not just talking to the staff here. I'm talking to everyone. You're all part of the community(as tiny as it is) so you still matter. So yes, I'm really calling you all back here to see if you still care..

Now and forever,

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Sonic World isn't dead. Its just hibernating during the winter.. :: Comments

It can't, I know it. Everyone's moved on. And seeing that THING at the top of the page makes it depressing.
I'll always remember the wonderful times we had here.

I don't find it depressing at all.

I just wish we could have ended in a bigger bang.
It's not so much that the end is depressing. It's the fact that we ended with not only a lack of a bang, but with those hideous banners up as well. It didn't even feel like the same place anymore. It almost felt like it was mocking our beloved forum. That combined with how dead the place was before we actually decided on a change, yeah. I found it depressing.
I found the banner funny more than anything.

And I was not gonna leave the place with that banner.
I have a battle plan, so to speak. Anybody want to hear it?
At first it was kinda funny, but leaving the place like that, overtime I just found it depressing.

And what do you mean a "Battle Plan"? I already don't like the sound of that. =/
Sadly have to admit but no plan to revive this place will really work. Especially that most of everyone is back to school already.
who the heck goes back to school in august?

Oh wait, america gets off earlier/goes back earlier.. never mind.

Not all of America. Parts, no, wait, most of the USA goes back in September.
Rhys the Hedgehog wrote:
Sadly have to admit but no plan to revive this place will really work.

Lies. All you need is motivation.

Sonic World isn't dead. Its just hibernating during the winter..

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