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 Aaron's Bio(s)

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PostSubject: Aaron's Bio(s)   Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:34 am

if you came here looking for more than ONE finished Bio, you're in the wrong place. I currently don't have quite enough free time to make another. but when I do, I will put it here.

Aaron's Bio

Full Name: Russell Aaron Wright III

Age: 13 (11/18/1996)

Species: unspecified, (but I should change that soon)

Height: 3'2" (96.52 cm)

Weight: 71 lbs. (32.3 kg)

Powers: Fire. (BLUE fire, the hottest kind.)

Weaknesses: Cold (he cannot produce more heat for himself, even with fie powers), electricity. Water is no problem, but he dislikes 'being forced to use his powers in the water.

Personality: He's a caring, happy-go-lucky kind of person, but is easily offended, and can have random mood swings. He can get competitive, but usually won't. He is a problem solver, quick thinker, and is good at entertaining himself (shiny objects work well), and others. At times he can be a very loving, caring, compassionate character, and usually he's helpful. But when things trouble him, he has a hard time admitting it, which can lead to the mood swings he can have. Aaron also loves how the brain works, and messes with your head as easily as he could burn it straight off ;) .

Appearance: Aaron is orange, but his color varies with the weather. in cold weather, it may take on a more whitish appearance, and the tips of his fur turns bright white as well. In summer, it is almost totally orange.
Aaron has fur all over his chest, which is bright white, and reaches from between his hips, to up and over his shoulders. It shortens in the summer. He is almost never seen wearing his black hat (seriously, it never happens!). And one noticeable feature is the fact that, the longer his hair grows, the more his spikes are weighed down, which in turn moves them to being at more of an angle.
he also wears fingerless gloves (but there are fingered versions for cold weather). the gloves are white with black edges, and he has white cuffs for them, with black on the inside. his shoes are basically the same, but for them, replace the word gloves with shoes, get rid of anything regarding fingers, and replace the word cuffs with the word socks.

Attire: Aaron wears one pair of fingerless gloves, the bottom of which are actually flexible, and are the base of the telekinesis gloves. These same parts exist on his shoes, which are just grey, and dark grey.

Family: Aaron has one brother, who has spikes akin to that of silver the hedgehogs, but pointed down more. His brother is 21 months younger than him, and loves using a bow and arrow. Aaron doesn't talk about him much.
Aaron also has a mother and father, both of whom are not mentioned often either. They had taken care of him until he was able to support his own life at the young age of 10. Their names are Holly and Rusty.
Aaron owns many chao as well. The first he got, Wavey, was found as an egg near a river (did this contribute to her love of water?). Aaron hatched it, and they became bests friends. Wavey later had two children with Jordan (his best friend)'s chao named Reala, but Reala later went missing, and Wavey had 4 children with a chao named Pyro, who randomly appeared one day and took a liking to Wavey. Pyro later became terminally ill, and eventually decided to go out on his own, never heard from again.

Friends: Aaron's best friend's name is Jordan The Panda, and he lives on the same island as Aaron. Some of Aaron's friends include (but are not limited to, or are in any specific order), Jordan (another one), Huski the fox, Reni the linx (although he tries to avoid getting bitten), Ignition the Hedgehog, Tide the Squidgehog (squid/hedgehog)*, Twilight the Cat, Lily the Hedgehog, Psyche, Merlot the echidna, Sammie the bunny, and many, many more.

Enemies: Sonic the hedgehog, and most of Sonic's friends (not all), because Aaron thinks they are no good and soak up all the attention. Aaron hates sonic most of all, because sonic is so egotistical, and wouldn't accept any help from people (quote: "oh, look at meeeeeee *zooming noises* I'm cool because I don't need anyone but me and my little group of wierdos, *mumbling noises, whacking of television, and disregard for the people clearly sitting next to him). There is a possibility that he dislikes Ignition the hedgehog, but he never shows it.

Likes: good people, modest people, funny people, people who are just barely NOT overly-egotistical, warm places, (ironically) snow, swimming, tropical places, chao, fire, shopping, eating, foreign foods, girls, jokes, technology, and small fluffy things. He also loves technology, new places, colorful objects, female anatomy, sweet things, other people, challenges, drawing, his friends

Dislikes: Bad people (duh), heavily egotistical people (yet he hangs out with Ignition... But is he friends really...? Who Knows!), people who won't listen to everything he says (in an annoying manner) (hypocrite!), overly modest people, idiots (unless they're the type who doesn't TRY to be an idiot), the cold, generally anyone/thing who threatens his/any of his friends' well being, painful injuries, the spice cumin, the smell of scrambled eggs (although he still eats them regularly), awkward topics, untrustworthy people, vegetable drink, and being forced to do things for no particular reason.

*= one of my characters


I will start, as usual, with Aaron's birth. He was actually born dark red, with five short spikes, curly hair, and no fire-based abilities.
As he grew, the length of his spikes increased, and he became talkative and energetic. His brother's face almost didn't change at all, which is similar to his Mother. Aaron more resembled his Father (in an almost creepy way). When Aaron was around seven (on the second day of second grade), he discovered his new best friend, Jordan (a panda). Their friendship began when Aaron went up to him, and, following the suggestion of his mother, said "Hey, wanna be my friend?"
Jordan replied "Sure."
And thus a friendship was born. Through the years, Jordan became very tall and very strong. By third grade, age eight, he was as tall as an eighth grade. Aaron grew only a short amount by then, but had matured considerably. Previously, around the middle of Second Grade, however Jordan had introduced a new concept to Aaron: Chao. Aaron instantly fell in love with them, and set up a nonprofit adoption center for them. he gave them away in all colors, and recently hatched, too.
He had sold all of them but three. One, his chao, Wavey, and the other two were two small ones, a purple chao, and a brown chao, named (respectably) Violet and Brownie. All three became best friends, and were quite smart. But brownie and violet outranked Wavey (in terms of smartness), by quite a lot. Eventually, violet and brownie acted together, like twins, and became a chao version of a scientist; creating many (unpractical) inventions, the last of which allowed the two to combine into one. When they used it, they fused together to make Reala, a dark-fly-fly chao (Wavey, by then, was a Hero-Swim-Fly chao). Wavey instantly fell in love with him (whereas violet was a girl and brownie was a boy). Reala, sadly, had no account of the matter, and lost (almost) all his genius. Later, though, he re-discovered his spark for inventing, and made many other things

this is where I will shorten the rest of the (Über-long) chao drama story.

long story short, Wavey mated with Realla (Wavey comment: HEY, PRIVATE INFO PLZ), had two kids, then Reala was confused and married a chao Wavey disliked, named Ramona (due to him thinking Wavey was marrying another chao). So, just to spite him, Wavey DID marry that chao. Then Reala started the Chaos Cola Company and made billions in rings. later, Reala made a time machine and disappeared into it. Then Ramona destroyed it while he was in the future, and he wasn't seen again. She claimed that he went out to a fight, and came back, then died on the doorstep. Then, Wavey (vacationing elsewhere) heard the news and immediately came back to "finish the incomplete time machine Reala was making"-Ramona, and then she let Ramona try and go back to stop him from "dying." So Ramona broke it. Then Wavey suspected something. She decided to fix it WITHOUT Ramona knowing, and then she would save Reala. She got it running, when she was about to step in, when Reala fell out (what an ironic twist). But Reala had inverted colors, being white and blue, rather than black and red.
Quite a while after the predicament in which Ramona disappeared in the end, Wavey's 4 children (of Pyro, the chao she "married") hatched. Later, though, Pyro left, and Wavey and Reala got together and had one more child.

Now for the rest of Aaron’s story.

Nothing much happened non-chao-wise until Aaron was around 10 (but still 9). When he was that age, he was involved in government confusion for about a week. When he had finished taking a shower, he sat in his window (when he lived at station square [the chao lived in their own chao garden]), waiting for his fur to dry. Suddenly, G.U.N. came by, then suddenly looked up at him, shouted “There he is!”, and began shooting tranquilizers while surrounding the area. Aaron was apparently confused for shadow, due to the dim lighting, and the red showing in his fur where the light hit. Aaron had no idea what was going on, and he was so freaked out, he didn’t notice his hair warm up and dry out (this was still before the knowledge of his power). So, thankfully, he was right by the ocean, and he managed to get onto the beach before they found him at the hotel.
He had managed to stay away from the hotel long enough to disguise himself with a coating that could be applied to his fur, making him appear a different color. He made it white and blue, so that he could not be confused any longer. He also changed the arrangement of his spikes.He kept the color until the whole sonic-shadow business was resolved, and then he removed it, finding that his hair had turned very bright red.
Aaron had decided that Station Square was a little uncomfortable to live in now, so he went off looking for other places to live. As he was walking around, he came across Sonic and Tails crouched beside some strange purple fox with wings and a halo. Aaron rubbed his eyes, and then picked up his pace, getting further away from the 3 things he dislikes; sonic, his friends, and things that seem dead. He ended up at that giant highway connecting two major landmasses; the Mobian version of Europe (where Aaron was), and the Mobian version of North America (his destination). He traveled along it and wound up at the San Francisco-like city, the first stage in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. From there he would move about the ocean with friends, looking for more places to go. In the end, he discovered his own (small) island, and claimed it, along with many islands around it. Ironically, this was just off of the coast of Station Square.
Aaron had also gone on many smaller adventures, such as being stranded at an airport, being in the epicenter of some terrible geological disaster, and many others; but they aren’t good enough to be life changing, so you’ll have to ask him about them sometime if you want to hear them.
Among one of these, when he was 11, he discovered his fire ability
BLUE fire
I know, awesome, right?
and he can now make towering flames without breaking a sweat (which is ironic, because flames are really, really hot)

And in the future, some MORE things are going to happen…

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Aaron's Bio(s)
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