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 Goodnight Kiss

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PostSubject: Goodnight Kiss   Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:24 am

It was around 11:35 PM when it happened. It was a clear night sky, a full moon shining brightly in the star-kissed night. Dew was just forming over the tender grass. The fireflies were dancing around, showing off their light show to anyone who could see it. Mosquitoes buzzing around, waiting for a single drop of blood to suck out. All was calm outside.
The hospital doors burst open. A purple hedgehog, bent over in pain, being helped by a green and blue-spine hedgehog. The purple hedgehog, obviously the woman, was screaming in pain. She had been in labor for about two hours now, as the drive there was more than a bit delayed. The green hedgehog ran to the counter while the purple one sat in a seat, relieving her legs of the five-week torment the have endured.
His light blue eyes looked into the woman’s eyes behind the counter. “My wife’s in labor!” demanded the green hedgehog. He was clearly sweaty, as it pooled around his gray shirt’s collar and sleeves. He panted as though he was a wild animal stalking its prey. The woman stared back at him as she dialed the remaining doctors to the waiting room.
The purple hedgehog was taking in deep breaths, as she was taught to do. The four lives inside her squirming for the exit from her blue maternity dress, which was wet with water and blood at the end. “Please, hurry up!” she cried in pain. “I can’t take this pain no longer!”
“Don’t worry, Ashura,” assured the green hedgehog, “The doctor’s are a-coming for you.” He gave a worried yet bright smile back at her, as she tried her best to smile through the pain.
Two minutes later, the doctors rushed into the waiting room, nearly ripping Ashura’s arms out of their sockets as she was placed on a carriage. She was rushed through the emergency doors as the green hedgehog followed close behind.
After minutes, she was hooked up to an IV and a heart monitor. She was given her painkillers, though it did not help much. The panicking father paced back and forth in the room, hoping what was said earlier was just another hooligan shouting her opinions and not real. He didn’t want that to happen, especially to his own children…
The first cry came around 11:47 PM. “A healthy baby boy!” proclaimed a doctor. The bloody hedgehog’s fur was soaked, unsure about what his fur color would be. One doctor snipped the umbilical cord and brought him to a special room for the newborns. More screams came from Ashura as the pain for giving birth to three others would be unbearable. “More painkillers!” she demanded. “Give me more!!!”
Around 11:52 PM, the second faint cry came. “It’s a girl!” announced the doctor. A pink fur was visible, though she was bloody as well. The green baby boy hedgehog that followed out seconds later followed the same pattern as the first. The father was panicking. Come on, he thought. Give birth before it’s too late!
11:59 PM. It was almost the next day. The father was worried. He ran to Ashura’s side. “Push, baby, push!” he encouraged as time pressed by. Seconds ticked away as Ashura’s grunting and crying continued. Fifteen seconds until midnight. “One more final push, Ashura!”
“I’m trying my best, Krill, damn it!” she yelled to him, as yelling to him was a whisper to her at this point. Five seconds. Krill closed his eyes. He didn’t want to know what would happen next.
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PostSubject: Re: Goodnight Kiss   Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:28 am

That's really good TSW.
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Goodnight Kiss
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